Become Our Trainer/Expert

To become our trainer, you must qualify for these conditions:

1) Have relevant qualifications (at least a Master’s Degree) and experience in the areas that we work in.


2) Have conducted a minimum of 25 training sessions to obtain the “Train the Trainer Exemption Certificate” from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). Kindly fill in these forms from HRDF and e-mail them back to us for consideration and processing. HRDF will charge a fee for this and the cost will be borne in equal portions by Wisdom Synergy and the TTT Exemption candidate.

a) Biodata

b) Training Experience


3) Attend the “Train the Trainer” programme conducted by HRDF at your own cost and email  your biodata and a scanned copy of the “Train the Trainer” certificate from HRDF to us for our consideration.


We will then consider your application and we reserve the right to include you in our list of trainers, or not. And if approved, we reserve the right to decide which topics will be included in a particular year’s training schedule according to the resources that we can allocate.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our team.